Graduated in Multimedia and after having experienced living abroad - 6 months in Canada and a year in Ireland - I choose to fly back home to continue my studies in Paris. I am now learning Project Management in the design industries at Gobelins, School of images. Alternatively I am a junior project manager (1/2 week) at TSC digital marketing agency. Over the last 10 years I learned video editing by myself and more recently I started taking photographs.

I am now looking for a video production company in Paris to pursue my apprenticeship during my Master Degree. The two schools that I have in mind have different schedules, so my work time can most likely be arranged to meet your demands.

My ideal job would be versatile, linked to music industry, creative, progressive, about marketing and/or video - in a company with objectives, ambition, an international dimension - in a cheerful environnement!

But I am open-minded and excited about every opportunity, and a lot of different things so do not hesitate to contact me about any job/project, or even just to say hello !